Welcome to the unofficial 9-11 Webcomic Tribute and Memorial Hub. Artists and authors of online comic strips join together in offering our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones. We also wish to thank the heroes who risked their own lives to save others. Our desire is to honor these families and heroes through pictures and words.

This hub is currently archived, it's origional main page archived to end the period of morning. If you still would like to access the origional page, CLICK HERE.

We thank the artists and authors for sharing their tributes, and to you, the viewers, for being with us to remember that day.


SEPT 11 News

10-01-2002 12 midnight
(Keen) This page is in archive status until next year.

9-23-2002 2:30 EST
(Keen) This page will continue to stay up for the remainder of September, before switching to archival status until next year. Thanks go out to the artists and the viewers. --Kelly

9-10-2002 12 noon EST
(Canmeph) Several creditable/verifiable threats have been received by US intellegence. The security alert is now at orange HIGH alert. We are monitoring all channels.


All stories are referenced. Multiple sources are run under the Canmeph source.

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